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Your account has no permissions to start the program. Please contact your administrat
Hi Guys,

Seemingly for no reason we've started getting the error"

The used account has no permissions to start the program, please contact your administrator.

This is followed up with:

User name with name USERNAME and sid SID has no access to login.

I've double checked the permissions in SQL and everything appears correct. 

Currently using ASG 2017 on the latest version.

are the users login with Domain-Accounts? Does the problem occur only for one user or for all users? How did you assign the users - by AD-Group or directly by Account?
Or did you wok without permissions and somebody has activated Permissions now? Then it would be easy to reset...

Just execute the following SQL on your database

DELETE FROM ItemProperties WHERE ItemId = '1BF121C1-EFC4-4851-9407-D652D3B7C5BF' and RolePropertyId = '2924F6D4-8AB0-4EA4-8FE7-1BB078EC86B7'

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